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Hikes that fit you

We tend to conceive mountaineering in a different way. That’s why we only propose pioneering hikes. Be it the famous GR20, but in a vegetarian version, or off-tracks hiking weeks, we have the mountain fun that will fit you.

The Growers

Our products mostly come from a network of small local growers aiming for a reasoned agriculture. These products are thus irreproachable concerning quality (organic or better, natural) and more appreciable, fresh !

The moutain leaders

Island-based mountain leaders, with a perfect knowledge of the corsican massif and an unalterable thirst to make you discover its beauty. All our mountain leaders actively participate in the local community and contribute in the development of the rurality in a perspective of exchange and sharing

Our identity

Assitance – en

With us it’s not one, but two mountain leaders that work for you ! And we believe that it makes a hell of a difference. Click on the title to let us convince you.

Multilingual mountain leading

All our hikes are enlivened by polyglots mountain leaders that can easily switch to english for everybody’s convenience.

Developing the local peasantry

We stronly believe in the development of “peasant” means of production for the island as a major factor of the preservation and development of the corsican quality of life.

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