Our hikes

Randonnées à la journée

Corsica, sometimes referred as a mountain in the sea, is famous for its wide range of hikes. From the technical trails to the most alpine summits to the coast trails, it is possible the find a day-hike that will suit every person.

The day-hikes that we have decided to show you on this site are just a few, and were designed as examples and appetizers for the future hikes that we could share. We indeed strongly believe that the success of a day-hike is in matching the goal to the group rather than the group to the trail.



Treks are the core of the season of our mountain leaders. Who hasn't heard of the GR20 ? At SCARPI, we tend to propose other exciting trails and other ways to hike with your pleasure and the development of the local productive economy in sight.

As independent workers we don't have the right to sell you "all inclusive" treks without the approval of the french state. That's why we turned ourselves to the association SERAC to organise all our treks. We have designed them, and we will lead them, but SERAC is the organizer. That's why all the technical information can be found at their site and they are in charge of booking your trek.