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GR20 South, vegetarian

6 Days

Grade 3/5

650m / day

We’re inviting you to join us for a 6-day trek across the south part of the legendary GR20 route. Enjoy a week journey through the heart of the Corsican Mountains, the dramatic setting for this unique island’s distinctive scenery and traditions. With a reputation for being one of Europe’s most technical hikes, a local guide will ensure the group’s progress and its safety whilst making sure that the hike reveals Corsica to you in all its splendour.

Our team is pleased to offer you this amazing experience in vegetarian, organic and local form! Every day the second guide will bring fresh, high-quality supplies sourced from a network of small Corsican producers.

In the event of tiredness, minor injury… the hike-structure enables you to leave the trail, at any point and safely. You can then rest, get treatment or dodge the tougher bits before re-joining the group as soon as you are ready.

All meals and snacks are thought out to supply you with a healthy diet, well-balanced and adapted to the intense physical effort required on long days of hiking. We have already selected numerous vegetarian products, but we can well adapt ourselves to certain specific diets (without cow's milk, without gluten). If you want to have a quick look at our proposal, here are some examples of our meals taken in mountain refuges.

Our network of small local producers means that we offer you fresher and better quality products – this is a central to our ethos, and highy beneficial to your health and enjoyment. It is a reflexion of our firm personal commitment to the support of the local people, their welfare and their economic well being.

Scheduled in 2017 ...

The official trail by the French Hiking Federation (FFRP)

Our quotation for the south part of the GR20 (following the French Hiking Federation)